The key features of Data room SaaS solution

The key features of Data room SaaS solution

Did you decide to move to SaaS but haven’t chosen the right architecture yet? This article will explain the main capabilities and advantages of the data room SaaS technology for business.

The prospects of the Data room SaaS solution

The SaaS market continues to expand. While the Internet made it possible, SaaS is hardly a new phenomenon, and its origins can be traced back to the 1960s when IBM and other corporations used distributed software packages to connect users to mainframes to provide the necessary computing. Today it is difficult to build accurate forecasts for the development of private and public clouds and services, but the interest of customers gives reason to hope that cloud services will be in demand in the coming years. Already, many companies have shown interest in the cloud, and the most active ones have already managed to evaluate the effectiveness of the cloud for their business.

As a virtual platform, the data room software is intended to facilitate the exchange of documents and information. In principle, any company that wants to manage confidential information securely can benefit from using a data room. Nowadays, providers of data rooms are increasingly relying on machine learning to constantly expand their range with new functions, such as the automatic translation of documents or red flag analysis.

As a virtual document vault, the data room enables business documents to be processed by different people at any time and from anywhere in the world via the Internet. If they are authorized to do so, users have access to the data room from within or outside the company or – depending on their authorization – only to individual documents intended for them. According to, the data room not only functions as a document vault, but is also a document management system with which all read accesses and changes to documents can be tracked and documented. The software was designed to carry out confidential due diligence processes, primarily for real estate companies, international law firms, banks, corporations, and consulting firms.

Common benefits

Data room SaaS solution is very popular because it has many inherent advantages. They include:

  • Hardware. With server-running software, individual PCs do not need to be updated to meet hardware requirements, and there are no issues with non-compliance with minimum requirements.
  • Support and analytics. The data room customer support and analytics module provide a set of tools for platform management and metrics verification. This allows SaaS providers to meet customer expectations, and business providers can improve customer experience and meet market demands.
  • Low price. Data room customers benefit from a low cost of ownership – customers pay only for using the service. They do not need to spend money on developing a software product, purchasing their own facilities, and paying technical specialists.
  • Unique infrastructure. One of the benefits of using a SaaS architecture is a customizable infrastructure that can be scaled up or down based on business requirements. For example, customers can decide which components will benefit their business and can only pay when needed.

So, if we talk about the opportunities that SaaS data room provides, then this is independence from the decisions of a particular vendor, from the need to purchase an eternal license, from the professionalism of our own staff, from infrastructure capabilities, from traffic growth, and so on. It is also very important to understand that the SaaS model is an effective means of combating hidden costs. There are no costs for the purchase, deployment, and support of software.

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